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a man, a plan, a canal, troido

readdat () { read -r var; echo "$var" | grep -qE "[a-Z].*" || var=$2; echo "$var" > "$1"; };echo "Post to:"; read -r parent; echo "$parent" | grep -qE "([a-Z]|[1-9]).*" || exit;postdir=$(echo "$parent"-"$RANDOM");mkdir ./"$postdir" && cd ./"$postdir" || exit; echo "Name (blank for anonymous):";readdat "user" "Anonymous";echo "Title (blank for none):";readdat "title" "";echo "Absolute path to image (blank for none):";read -r imagepath; echo "$imagepath" | grep -qE "[a-Z].*" && if test -f "$imagepath"; then cp "$imagepath" .;else echo "could not find $imagepath";fi;echo "Post text (Ctrl-D to finish):"; cat > content; cd ..; tar -cf "$postdir".tar ./"$postdir";rm -rf "$postdir"; echo "posting..."; nc -q2 tilde.team 7070 < "$postdir".tar

If theres any plugin, modification or tweak you would like added to tildecraft, post it in this thread,